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Specialists in curating tailored media solutions for our clients that deliver REAL business RESULTS

Ian Herron - Millennium Media

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About Millennium Media

Ian has dedicated 23 years to empowering Australian businesses fostering strong relationships with business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams, alongside valuable industry partners, affiliates and professionals. His profound understanding of the media landscape cultivated during his 18 years at Val Morgan, ultimately paved the way for the establishment of his independent media agency Millennium Media.

With a deep comprehension of both traditional and digital media, Ian embraces the challenge of taking exceptional products and services and transforming them into captivating success stories. His passion lies in building businesses and watching once-unknown brands ascend to household recognition.

Ian revels in numbers and targets, particularly when they synergise to foster increased business growth and enhanced marketing performance.

A former professional athlete, Ian brings an understanding of the value of hard work, resilience, and determination to his client campaigns. He knows that driving key campaign success and high growth levels is vital for your business.

At the heart of Ian’s approach is a commitment to achieving the best results through a healthy and considered strategy. His values centre around honest communication, teamwork, and empathy, ensuring a client-centric approach that aligns with your business goals.

What we do

Media Clients

We creates successful, tailored media campaigns – optimizing budgets, and maximizing results.

At Millennium Media, we specialize in crafting customised media solutions that yield tangible business outcomes for our clients.

Our commitment is to optimise our client’s media budget to not only expand their customer base but also ensure a consistent stream of revenue growth. Bridging the gap between personalised service and unmatched industry expertise is at the core of our approach.

We prioritise successful collaboration and seamless communication throughout every phase of your campaign, ensuring a smooth and effective experience. Our values of empathy, kindness, and honesty drive our interactions, making sure your journey with us is not only productive but also genuinely supportive.

Media Owner

We provides a highly sophisticated and unique concept in media.

We provide powerful techniques and tools to reach and acquire new customers that will deliver substantial new revenue growth.

Our mission is to help media owners thrive by acquiring and retaining quality, loyal advertisers.

Our Signature Process

Diagnose and address some of the challenges clients are currently experiencing
Development and realignment of their media strategy, utilizing learnings:
Execution of media strategy and management your campaign throughout

Our Signature Process

Diagnose and address some of the challenges clients are currently experiencing
Development and realignment of their media strategy, utilizing learnings:
Execution of media strategy and management your campaign throughout

Our valued clients

Ord Minnett
Mann travel
Muffin Break
Sushi Hub

Client Testimonials

We are an expert agency based in Sydney Australia. Here’s what our clients say about working with us.


Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Clubs

Having worked with Ian at Millennium Media over the last couple of years, I can say he is very knowledgeable and well connected, and therefore able to develop great campaigns across a broad range of media, that deliver superior results for any business.I found Ian to be very collaborative, he worked hard to understand our briefs and requirements, and ensured our campaigns were well targeted for desired outcomes.Partnering with Ian and Millennium Media is definitely a win-win that delivered positive results for our business.

Liam Taylor - Head of Communications

Planet Ark Environmental Foundation

Working with Millenium Media has been invaluable to Planet Ark’s environmental awareness and education campaigns over the last 24 months. Ian’s careful planning, attention to detail and effective communication has helped us develop media solutions that achieve results far beyond what we expected. We look forward to working with him closely to greater benefits in the future.

Claire William - Centre Manager

Chatswood Interchange

At Chatswood interchange, we have worked with Ian at Millennium Media on a range of campaigns. We have found him to always be professional, thorough, clear and innovative in the delivery of multi-faceted advertising strategies. Ian works collaboratively with all stackholders understanding the landscape of our asset and the required outcome that we seek to achieve.

Tina Anderson - National Marketing Manager


I've worked with Ian and Millennium Media for a number of years to design and deliver a broad range of marketing campaigns and initiatives, from outdoor and print to cinema and BVOD. Having worked in media buying his entire career, Ian understands the market and has established a broad network of industry contacts he can leverage to develop a cost effective and well thought-out strategy. He takes the time to understand the brief, is reliable and has a great customer service ethic.Millennium Media are a key member to my marketing team.

Our media partners.

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Large Format Roadside Static & Digital
Street Furniture Static & Digital
Office Tower Network


Train stations
Light rail


Traditional onscreen
Moonlight cinema
Digilites in Foyer Panels


Free to Air TV
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Petro TV


Digital & Static Panels
Large Atrium Banners
Door & Floor Decals



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