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Millennium Media's Cinema Business

Acquisition Program

Speed up your client acquisition process with our targeted approach

Take the guesswork out of your sales and collaborate with Millennium Media to develop a personalised program to target your customer base.

We have estimated that it takes over 80+ hours to find and acquire new clients. Your sales representatives in most cases have to endure a sales cycle that consists of prospecting, workshopping of a phone pitch, building a bespoke presentation, pitch meetings, prepare campaign for clients consideration, follow up and close business.

Millennium Media’s expertise is in it’s ability to fast track the aquisition process by creating urgency, whereby your clients will move quickly for fear of missing out on our fantastic opportunity to grow their business.

How the program works

We have developed the best procurement program to ensure we attract the right clientele
Present the details of your proposed campaign one on one in a comforting environment
Post Presentation
Work together with your clients on their level to secure the best outcome for them and you
Ensure you receive long term commitments from your new clients with mutual benefits

The benefits.

Millennium Media are changing the game for small to medium sized businesses to gain access to big budget campaigns that are normally reserved for the large businesses at the top end of town.

Through our programs our clients enjoy the following entitlements;

  • Big budget campaigns at a fraction of the normal cost.
  • Campaign surety through guaranteed audience delivery.
  • Flexibility around campaign timing / flighting.
  • A targeted campaign approach through both geographically and demographically aligned campaigns.
  • Production assistance for those clients that require a new creative.

We are experts who provide solutions that help our clients and their audience to grow their brand and business base.

Collaborating with experience

With 18 years in direct sales delivering bespoke, targeted cinema advertising campaigns, you'll find the best way to navigate and setup your personalised program with Ian.

Proven results. Satisfied clients.

With over 18 years creating and delivering brand enhancing programs, the results and satisfied customers speak for themselves.

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